Large Big Black Hand Silese Kava Plant on Malekula Island Vanuatu

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Kava Farmer Standing Next to His Black Hand Silese Kava Plant on Malekula Island Vanuatu

Our kava is shade-grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of the Vanuatu archipelago.  We work with collectives of small-lot farmers who raise their noble kava free of pesticides or fertilizers for five years before selection.

Next, they hand-harvest on demand to ensure the freshest kava possible. The basal stump (lawena) and lateral roots (waka) are peeled and thoroughly cleaned. The clean kava is then juiced and dehydrated into an easy-to-mix powder for our instant kava products or sliced and dried in the South Pacific sun for our traditional grind kava or kava extract products.

Freshly Harvested Green Kava Gorgor Borogu on Pentecost Island Vanuatu
Laboratory Testing HPLC Liquid Chromatography to ensure nobility

We 3rd party independent lab-test every batch of our kava in Vanuatu and the United States to ensure its nobility, potency, and safety.

We offer free shipping on every order over $50. So you can rest assured you receive your kava quickly and reliably with every order.

In 2017, I set out to find the highest quality Kavas to bring to market for others to enjoy like I wish there were when I first became familiar with Kava.

Sourcing directly from the Islands of Vanuatu, the birthplace of Kava, I ensure that the products you receive are 2x independent lab-tested, endorsed for potency, and are of the highest quality available.

– Jesse, Founder of Coral Sea Kava