Origin Story: My Quest for Sustainable Stress Relief

After working in stressful product management roles requiring long hours and a constant supply of coffee, I began the search for a way to relieve stress sustainably to work on self-care. During this process, I stumbled upon Kava and was instantly intrigued. Kava provided an easy way to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety without the negative side effects of alcohol.

After experiencing varying degrees of quality from kavas in the market, I sought to directly source and bring you the kind of premium quality kava tea I had been searching for.

Coral Sea Kava Founder Jesse Holding Fresh Silese Kava Basal Stump from Malekula Island While in Vanuatu
Coral Sea along the southwest coast of Malekula Island in the Vanuatu archipelago

The Coral Sea inspired our name as it lies between the kava-growing island nations of Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, and Papua New Guinea, as well as the Great Barrier Reef along Australia’s Gold Coast.

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability:

Coral Reef Restoration

I fell in love at an early age with our oceans through aquariums and, much later, scuba diving and underwater photography (maybe The Voyage of the Mimi also had something to do with it). Within our lifetime,  there has been an accelerated decline in the health of our reefs worldwide. Moreover, they are the keystone of life and abundance that our oceans provide humanity.

As part of our commitment to combating global climate change and restoring our coral reefs to their former glory, 5% of the profit will be donated to restoring our coral reefs in the communities we source our kava.

A Crown of Thorns Starfish (aka COTS) can eat 1,820 corals in its 5 year lifespan. Only with a holistic approach to reef restoration of coral propagation, COTS removal and select fishing free zones, can we restore the reefs in a sustainable way that also provides food security for local populations.

Jesse, Founder of Coral Sea Kava
Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) swarming corals that are attempting to recover from a bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef

“Leave No Trace” Eco Packaging

As part of our company ethos, we strive to provide premium products with minimal environmental impact. We are committed to utilizing the most sustainable packaging options currently available. Our kraft standup pouches, labels, and oxygen absorbers are all commercially compostable.