Kava Tea

Kava kava tea (Piper Mythesticum) has been consumed by Oceanic communities for thousands of years for communal ceremony, socializing and for relieving stress and anxiety. Shop our variety of hand picked premium noble kava teas sourced from the islands of Vanuatu.

Our kava tea is shade-grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of the islands of Vanuatu.  Small-lot farmers begin by organically raising the kava in their gardens for 5 years before selection. Next, they hand-harvest, peel, and clean the “noble” roots thoroughly.  After drying in the South Pacific sun, we lab test our kava to ensure its nobility and potency.

  • 100% pure Noble Kava tea (Piper Methysticum)
  • Organically grown, hand-harvested, and sun-dried
  • Traditional medium-grind dry root powder
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Product of Vanuatu

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

Coral Reef Restoration

We fell in love at an early age with our oceans through scuba diving and underwater photography (maybe The Voyage of the Mimi also had something to do with it). Within our lifetime,  there has been an accelerated decline in the health of our reefs worldwide. Moreover, they are the keystone of life and abundance that our oceans provide humanity. As part of our commitment to combating global climate change and restoring our coral reefs to their former glory, 1% of each purchase of kava tea will be donated to a non-profit focused on the herculean task of restoring our coral reefs.


As part of our company ethos, we strive to provide premium products with a minimal impact on our environment. As such, we are committed to utilizing the most sustainable packaging options currently available. Our kraft standup pouches are Biotrē™, made of 60% (by weight) renewable plant resources and 60% breaks down into healthy compost using processes from OECD and conditions taken from ASTM standards.