Silese Instant Kava – Non Micronized – Heavy & Relaxing


  • Convenient, heavy kava, no kneading required
  • 2x 3rd party independent lab tested
  • Mix it quickly: 1 teaspoon (2g) organic kava powder with 4 ounces of cool water, stir until dissolved, and consume immediately. For best results consume on an empty stomach. Slim pocket-friendly pouch makes 12 servings of kava.
  • Tasting notes: Creamy with notes of putty, almond skins and light citrus acidity.
  • Chemotype: 423156
  • 100% pure noble dehydrated green kava juice, non-micronized
  • For kava nerds and novices alike
  • 5% of profits for coral reef restoration projects in Vanuatu
  • Free shipping: on subscriptions and all orders of $50 or more
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  • Convenient: Take instant kava for air travel, the hotel room, the beach, poolside, backpacking, camping, office desk, coffee hour, happy hour, or after a yoga or pilates session. Enjoy your kava bliss where it fits your lifestyle.
  • 2x 3rd party independent lab tested
  • Free shipping: on subscriptions and all orders of $50 or more
  • Heavy Kava: like a weighted blanket, it envelopes and relaxes you while keeping you clear-headed.
  • No Kneading Required: No prep or 10 minutes of kneading like dried kava before enjoying. No kava maker is needed. This makes it a quick and easy instant kava drinkroot powder as an adaptogen drink mixer for those with arthritis or hand and wrist issues.
  • Mix it Quickly: 1 teaspoon (2g) organic kava powder with 4 ounces of cool water, stir until dissolved, and consume immediately. For best results, consume kava tea on an empty stomach. A slim, pocket-friendly pouch makes 12 cups of kava extract liquid. You can also mix it with your favorite beverage for mocktails or as an alcohol replacement.
  • Fresh Kava Root Extract: Fresh green noble kava roots are dehydrated for each pack of our instant kava tea. It has a smoother flavor profile and doesn’t contain unwanted kava root fibers that may cause digestive issues like with micronized kava.
  • Tasting Notes: Earthy with notes of cashew butter, grassy, and peppery finish. Vanuatu kava paste is made with water, as the Ni-Van people have for 3000 years. The kava kava liquid is dehydrated & sifted into kava concentrate for convenience.
  • 100% Pure Noble Kava Kava Extract: Piper Methysticum kava kava herb may help with stress and tension.* Our instant green kelai kava kava tea has a high % of kavalactones, which may promote stress relief, calm, and relaxation for sleep.*
  • Why Loyal Customers Love Us: They find it easy to keep in their gym bag for post-workout relaxation or traveling light as the slim pocket-sized package will make 12 just kava drinks using a water bottle, alubottle, aluball, tea mug, or coffee cup.
  • For All Kava Lovers: First kava bar visit? Challenging yourself to a sober October or Dry January? Are you a kavassuer? In 2017, we sought the highest quality, most effective kava kava herbal supplements to share with you. We believe we did it and would love for you to join our kava circle.
  • 5% for Coral Reefs: 5% of profits are donated to coral reef restoration efforts. Reefs are an important part of life for the Ni-Van communities we work with, and with your help, we continue to reinvest in our communities and the world’s future.

Our Silese kava is shade-grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of Malekula.  A collective of small-lot farmers first begins by raising the kava in their gardens free of pesticides and fertilizers for five years before selection. Next, they hand-harvest on demand to ensure the freshest kava possible. It is then washed and peeled, thoroughly cleaning the basal stump (lawena) and lateral roots (waka).  After juicing and dehydrating in a sterile temperature-controlled drying room, we 3rd party independent lab-test every batch of our kava 2x (once in Vanuatu and once in the United States) to ensure its nobility, potency, and safety.

Silese is a rare cultivar grown only on Malekula. Also known colloquially as “Black Hand,” the plants can reach 10-12ft in height. The farmers that grow it take great pride in it and save it for traditional cultural events or special occasions. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a beverage in a relaxed social setting with friends, post-workout recovery, or a sedating drink to recharge in peace.

Tasting notes: Creamy with notes of putty, almond skins, and light citrus acidity.

Silese Instant Kava Key Features:

  • Our Silese Instant Kava contains the finest single cultivar, Noble Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum).
  • We pride ourselves on our instant dehydrated green kava juice expertise.
  • Quality matters to us. That’s why we test every kava batch twice.
  • There’s no caffeine in our kava.
  • It’s a vegan-friendly drink.
  • No gluten is present.
  • We stay away from GMOs.
  • Our kava is a genuine product of Vanuatu, a true kava paradise.

Oceans, Our Love:

The ocean has a special place in our hearts. Memories flood back of childhood days spent gazing at aquariums. As we grew, scuba diving became a passion, letting us explore deeper ocean wonders. But today, our beloved coral reefs are at risk. These reefs house numerous sea creatures. Wanting to make a difference, we decided to help. We’re setting aside 5% of our profits to help save the reefs in Vanuatu.

For the Earth:

Our planet deserves our respect. That’s why we’ve made a conscious choice to use earth-friendly packaging. The bags and labels, everything is chosen with care. And the best part? Once you’re done, they can go right into the compost.

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